SubQuercus: Under The Oak

Experience it in-person at the Autumn Lights Festival

Softly lit hand-crafted paper lanterns and sound installation, creating a warm inviting space that celebrates and illuminates the often overlooked smaller elements of life found under Coastal Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia), and other California native habitats.

Petals and Pods: Dizzying array of local lillies and CA-native botanical beauties crafted into ballroom lanterns and glowing bulbs.
Sculpture Artist: Aimée Baldwin

Gall's Swell That Ends Well: Large lighted leaves covered in oddly shaped caps and gaudy colors. Their design is based on actual gall structures created by tiny wasps securing a place for their young.

Buzzwords: Sound sculptures of large illuminated paper wasp nests, the hive cells glow and emit a chorus of human beings imitating the sounds of bees, crickets, cicadas, mosquitos, bumbles, katydids, hoverflies, and ants.

Listen to Buzzwords on Soundcloud

Buzzwords Sound Design: Logan Austeja
Buzzwords Sculpture Artist: John Daniel
Buzzwords Vocalists:
Alexis Berger
Emily Mann
Rebecca Pingree
Karen Offereins
Brian Markley
Maggie Tenenbaum
Ignacio Zulueta
Anandamayi Arnold
Carol Franger
Tensegrity Dan
Tammy Stellanova
Buzzin Banshee John
John Daniel
Justin Quimby
Barbara North
Melissa Newt
Bret Hutchinson
Vivi Hutchinson
Martin Azevedo
Julia Berger
Zane Berger-Azevedo

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Created by — Aimée Baldwin of Vegan TaxidermyLogan Austeja of Science TarotJohn Daniel